Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gemstone, Raw Wood pendant necklace organic Sterling Silver



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Sterling woodSilver woodChain wood18"Wood woodpendant woodWidth: wood2.5"The woodpendant woodcomes woodwith wooda wood18" woodsterling woodsilver woodchain. woodWe woodcreated woodthis woodpendant woodusing wooda woodbeautiful woodorganic woodraw woodpiece woodof woodwood. woodIt woodis woodhanging woodfrom wooda woodsterling woodsilver woodfinding woodfunctional woodfor woodeveryday woodwear. woodYou woodwill wooddefinitely woodreceive woodcompliments! woodConvo woodme woodif woodyou woodhave woodquestions!! woodThanks woodso woodmuch woodfor woodlooking. wood;)

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