Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage Monet collar or choker necklacechoker necklace, adjustable lengthchoker necklace, slightly rose gold tone link panelschoker necklace, 1980s does 50s



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Vintage gold chokerMonet gold chokernecklace gold chokercan gold chokerbe gold chokerworn gold chokeras gold chokera gold chokercollar gold chokeror gold chokerchoker. gold chokerBeautiful gold chokershiny gold chokercolor gold chokerhas gold chokera gold chokerhint gold chokerof gold chokerrose gold chokergold gold chokerto gold chokerit. gold chokerScroll gold chokerlike gold chokerlinks gold chokerare gold chokershiny gold chokerand gold chokersmooth gold chokerwith gold chokera gold chokertouch gold chokerof gold chokertexture gold chokeron gold chokerthe gold chokerends gold chokerto gold chokermake gold chokerit gold chokerlook gold chokerfolded gold chokerover. gold chokerExcellent gold chokercondition, gold chokerno gold chokerflaws. gold chokerMeasures gold chokerabout gold choker1/4" gold chokerwide, gold chokerCan gold chokerbe gold chokerworn gold chokerat gold chokerabout gold choker14" gold chokerto gold choker15.75".Ships gold chokerin gold chokera gold chokergift gold

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