Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

metal findings, Double Layered Skull & Cross Bones on Black and White Stripped Faux Leather Earrings



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Super cross bonescute cross bonesfaux cross bonesleather cross bonesearrings cross bonesfeaturing cross bonesa cross bonestop cross boneslayer cross bonesof cross bonesskulls cross bonesand cross bonescross cross bonesbones cross bonesin cross bonesvarious cross bonesshades cross bonesof cross bonesorange cross bonesand cross bonesa cross bonesbottom cross boneslayer cross bonesof cross bonesblack cross bonesand cross boneswhite cross bonesstripes.Earrings cross bonesare cross bonesattached cross bonesto cross bonesantique cross bonesbronze cross bonescolored, cross bonesnickel-free cross bonesearring cross boneshooks cross boneswith cross bonesplastic cross bonesearring cross bonesbacks.**Note: cross bonesPlease cross bonesbe cross bonesaware cross bonesthat cross bonesthere cross bonesmay cross bonesbe cross bonesa cross bonesslight cross bonesvariation cross bonesin cross bonesshade cross bones& cross bonescolor cross bonesdue cross bonesto cross bonesthe cross bonesmonitor cross bonesyou cross bonesare cross bonesview cross bonesthe cross bonespicture cross boneson cross bonesand cross bonespattern cross bonesplacement cross bonesmay cross bonesvary.

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