Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

70s bohemian, chunky vintage Hawaiian nut and seed charm bracelet



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Vintage mid centuryHawaiian mid centurycharm mid centurybracelet mid centuryfeaturing mid centuryvarious mid centurydried mid centurynuts mid centuryand mid centuryseeds. mid centurySuper mid centurycool mid centurypiece. mid centuryExcellent mid centurycondition, mid centuryno mid centuryflaws. mid centuryCharms mid centurymeasure mid centuryup mid centuryto mid century1.5". mid centuryThe mid centurybracelet mid centuryis mid century7.25" mid centurylong. mid centuryShown mid centuryon mid centurya mid century6" mid centurywrist. mid centuryMeant mid centuryto mid centuryfit mid centuryloose!Ships mid centuryin mid centurya mid centurygift mid centurybox.I mid centurycombine mid centuryshipping mid centuryon mid centurymultiple mid

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