Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

leaf, Vintage Malachite and Sterling Silver Leaf Design Ring



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Sara floralJewelry floralDesign floralVintage floralVisions. floralHere floralis florala floralbeautiful floralsterling floralsilver floralleaf floraldesign floralring floralwith florala floralmatte-finish floralcentral floralmalachite floraloval floralcabochon. floralThe floralstone floralis floralapproximately floral14x7mm.Lovely floraldetail floraland floralthe floralring floralis floralin floralgood floralcondition. floralThere floralis floralsome floraltilting floralto floralthe floralwire floralshank; floralhowever, floralit florallooks floralas floralif floralit floralmight floralhave floralbeen floralmade floralthat floralway floralon floralpurpose.Excellent floraloxidation floraldetail floralwork floraland florala floralvery floralattractive floralstyle. floralSize floral5-1/4.Sara floralJewelry floralDesign. floralYour floralDesire floralis floralOur floralDesign.

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