Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

18x25 bronze bezelnecklace charm, 10 oval pendant traysnecklace charm, vintage style jewelrynecklace charm, necklace charmnecklace charm, 25 x 18 mm charm settingnecklace charm, pendant blanknecklace charm, jewelry blank



In stock



I jewelry blankhave jewelry blanknew jewelry blankbezels jewelry blankin jewelry blankmy jewelry blankshop jewelry blanknow. jewelry blank jewelry blankThese jewelry blankhave jewelry blankan jewelry blank18x25 jewelry blankopening jewelry blankand jewelry blankare jewelry blankvery jewelry blanknice jewelry blankbronze jewelry blankbezels. jewelry blank jewelry blankYou jewelry blankwill jewelry blankreceive jewelry blank10 jewelry blankoval jewelry blankpendant jewelry blanktrays, jewelry blankvintage jewelry blankstyle jewelry blankjewelry, jewelry blanknecklace jewelry blankcharm, jewelry blank25 jewelry blankx jewelry blank18 jewelry blankmm jewelry blankcharm jewelry blanksetting, jewelry blankpendant jewelry blankblank, jewelry blankjewelry jewelry blankblankMade jewelry blankof jewelry blankmetal jewelry blankalloy jewelry blankthat jewelry blankis jewelry blanklead jewelry blankfree jewelry blankand jewelry blanknickel jewelry blankfree.

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