Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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These spooky bridefun spooky bridedangle spooky brideearrings spooky bridefeature spooky bridelarge spooky brideorange spooky bridejack spooky brideo' spooky bridelantern spooky bridebeads, spooky brideand spooky bridefaceted spooky brideblack spooky brideglass spooky brideteardrops. spooky brideThese spooky bridewould spooky bridebe spooky brideperfect spooky bridefor spooky bridea spooky brideGothic spooky brideor spooky brideHalloween spooky bridethemed spooky bridewedding spooky brideor spooky bridespecial spooky brideoccasion.Length: spooky bride2 spooky bride3/4"Colors: spooky brideOrange, spooky brideBlack, spooky brideSilverMaterials: spooky brideStone spooky brideBeads, spooky brideGlass spooky brideBeads, spooky brideSilver spooky bridePlated spooky brideWireEarwires: spooky brideNiobium spooky brideFrench spooky brideHooks spooky bride(hypoallergenic) spooky brideQuestions? spooky brideFeel spooky bridefree spooky brideto spooky bridemessage spooky brideme spooky brideor spooky bridecheck spooky brideout spooky bridemy spooky brideShop spooky bridePolicies spooky bridefor spooky bridemore spooky brideinfo:http://www./shop/Lunachick/policy?ref=shopinfo_policies_leftnav

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