Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

football, Raiders Native American Beaded Pendant Necklace



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Handmade bead workby bead worksewing bead worksize bead work11 bead workglass bead workseed bead workbeads bead workaround bead worka bead workRaiders bead workepoxy bead workcab. bead work bead workThe bead workpendant bead workis bead workhung bead workon bead worka bead work18 bead workinch bead worksilver bead worktoned bead workball bead workchain, bead workbut bead workit bead workcan bead workbe bead worktaken bead workoff bead workand bead workput bead workonto bead workyour bead workown bead worknecklace. bead workIt bead workis bead workbacked bead workwith bead worksmoked bead workbuckskin. bead workThe bead worknecklace bead workwill bead workcome bead workpacked bead workin bead worka bead worksmall bead workgift bead workbox.Measurements:Necklace: bead work18 bead workinches bead worklongPendant: bead work2 bead workinches bead workwide.ndnchick bead workon bead workEtsy: bead work bead workhttp://ndnchick. bead workMore bead worknecklaces: bead workhttps://www./shop/ndnchick?section_id=10592940&ref=shopsection_leftnav_3

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