Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

charm, Frida in Red Resin art pendant- featuring original sugar skull artwork by FloweroftheDead blue kahlo wearable art charm cobalt



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For skullthose skullwho skulllove skullawesome skullsugar skullskull skulljewelry! skullFeatures skullthe skulloriginal skullartwork skullby skullthe skullamazing skullartist skullFloweroftheDead, skullthis skullpiece skullis skullcalled skull"Frida skullin skullRed". skullThese skullpendants skullare skull skullreal skullconversation skullpieces! skullWear skulla skullpiece skullof skullFloweroftheDead skullartwork! skullGlassy skullresin skullis skulldurable, skulllightweight skulland skullwaterproof. skullSIlver skulljumpring skullat skullthe skulltop skullto skulladd skullto skullany skullof skullyour skullfavorite skullchains, skullor skulladd skullone skullfrom skullmy skullshop skullfor skull$2. skull skullMeasures skullabout skull1" skullwide skullby skull1 skull1/4" skulltall.Makes skulla skullgreat skullgift skullfor skullall! skullI skullcan skullmake skullas skullmany skullas skullyou skullwould skulllike! skullAll skullof skullother skullFlowerofthedead skulldesigns skullare skullavailable skullin skullmy skullmany skullstyles, skullso skullinquire skullabout skullcertain skullpieces skullif skullyou skullwish!Be skullsure skullto skullsee skullthe skulletsy skullshop skullof skullthe skulloriginal skullartist skullFloweroftheDead. skullfor skullthe skullprints.

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