Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Red lace bib necklace with leather tiesbib necklace, hand crochet with red nylon threadbib necklace, with Czech beads and miricale beadsbib necklace, lace is 9" & 3 1/2" wide



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Artisan lace chokercrafted lace chokerin lace chokerUSAOne lace chokerof lace chokera lace chokerkind lace chokerRed lace chokerlace lace chokerbib lace chokernecklace lace chokerwith lace chokerleather lace chokerties, lace chokerhand lace chokercrochet lace chokerwith lace chokerred lace chokernylon lace chokerthread, lace chokerwith lace chokerCzech lace chokerbeads lace chokerand lace chokermiracle lace chokerbeads, lace chokerlace lace chokeris lace choker9" lace choker& lace choker3 lace choker1/2" lace chokerwide.

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