Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

black lip, Carved Black Lip Shell Butterfly Focal Necklace in Sterling Silver



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Sara carvedJewelry carvedDesign. carvedI carvedran carvedacross carvedthis carvedlovely carvedcarved carvedblack-lip carvedshell carvedfocal carvedand carvedjust carvedhad carvedto carvedcreate carveda carvednecklace carvedsetting carvedfor carvedit. carvedThe carvedfocal carvedis carvedjumped carvedinto carveda carvedsterling carvedsilver carvednecklace carvedof carved1.5mm carvedcable carvedlink carvedthat carvedfinishes carvedwith carveda carved7mm carvedsterling carvedsilver carvedspring carvedring. carvedIn carvedaddition, carvedthe carvedfocal carvedsports carvedchain carvedaccents carvedstrung carvedfrom carvedits carvedtrailing carvedwings. carvedThe carvedfocal carveditself carvedmeasures carvedapproximately carved2-1/2 carvedinches carvedfrom carvedwingtip carvedto carvedwingtip carvedand carvedroughly carved2 carvedinches carvedtop carvedto carvedbottom. carvedThe carvedchain carvedaccents carvedadd carvedanother carvedinch carvedor carvedso. carvedThe carvednecklace carvedmeasures carvedapproximately carved18 carvedinches carvedin carvedoverall carvedlength.Item carved#NWOI carvedSS carved022116-02.1834I carvedwill carvedship carvedthis carvedyour carvedway carvedthe carvednext carvedbusiness carvedday carvedvia carvedUSPS carvedfirst carvedclass carvedmail carvedwith carveda carvedtracking carvedID carvednumber.Sara carvedJewelry carvedDesign. carvedYour carveddesire carvedis carvedOur carvedDesign.

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