Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

6 1/2" long Bright cerulean blue leather fringe tassel earrings with silver filigree conesturquoise fringe, Czech crystal beads and French hooks



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Artisan gypsycrafted gypsyin gypsyUSA gypsyReady gypsyto gypsyship6 gypsy1/2" gypsylong gypsyBright gypsycerulean gypsyblue gypsyleather gypsyfringe gypsytassel gypsyearrings gypsywith gypsysilver gypsyfiligree gypsycones, gypsyCzech gypsycrystal gypsybeads gypsyand gypsyFrench gypsyhooksOverall gypsylenght gypsyincludes gypsythe gypsyearwire. gypsyLeather gypsyis gypsyrazor gypsycut gypsyby gypsyhand.Shipping gypsywithin gypsythe gypsyUSA gypsyvia gypsyUSPS gypsywith gypsyDelivery gypsyConfirmation.

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