Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bead chain, 24 inch silver pelline ball chain necklace for my pendants or can be cut to any length you wish lightweight shiny 2mm



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This bead chainsilver bead chaintone bead chainsteel bead chainball bead chainchain bead chainis bead chainthe bead chain2.4mm bead chainshot bead chainstyle bead chainchain, bead chainwith bead chainconnector bead chainattached. bead chainI bead chaincan bead chainmake bead chainthese bead chainany bead chainlength bead chainthat bead chainyou bead chainneed bead chainup bead chainto bead chain24", bead chainjust bead chainemail bead chainme bead chainfor bead chainthe bead chaincustom bead chainlength...otherwise bead chainit bead chainwill bead chainbe bead chainshipped bead chainat bead chain24" bead chainand bead chainyou bead chaincan bead chaincut bead chainit bead chainif bead chainneeded. bead chainThese bead chaingo bead chaingreat bead chainwith bead chainmy bead chainpendants! bead chainNice bead chainsimple bead chainnecklace bead chainto bead chainadd bead chainany bead chaincharm bead chainor bead chainpendant bead chainto!Last bead chainphoto bead chainshows bead chainhow bead chainit bead chainlooks bead chainworn bead chainas bead chainmy bead chainwish bead chainnecklace, bead chainavailable bead chainseparately bead chain:)

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