Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

signed, Large brown serpentine carved flower pendant on necklace



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Large wearable artbrown wearable artserpentine wearable artcarved wearable artflower wearable artpendant wearable arton wearable artnecklace wearable artmade wearable artwith wearable artriverstone, wearable artwood wearable artagate, wearable artglass wearable artcatseye, wearable artshell, wearable artand wearable artfaceted wearable artglass wearable artbeads. wearable artGold wearable artplated wearable artfindings. wearable art wearable artMatching wearable artbracelet wearable artavailable.Item wearable art#N679

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