Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cobalt, Blue Foiled Glass Oval Beads on Gold-plated Dangle Earrings



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Sara swingJewelry swingDesign. swing20mm swingsapphire-blue swingglass swingovals swingare swingfoiled swingwith swinga swingswirl swingdesign swingand swingsuspended swingfrom swinggold-plated swingFrench swingwires. swingDangle swingis swingapproximately swing1.5 swinginches swingor swing37mm.I swingwill swingship swingthese swingto swingyou swingthe swingnext swingbusiness swingday swingvia swingUSPS swingfirst swingclass swingmail swingwith swinga swingdelivery swingconfirmation swingnumber. swingIF swingYOU swingNEED swingEXPRESS swingMAIL swingSHIPPING, swingplease swingcontact swingme swingfirst swingwith swingyour swingZIP swingcode swingfor swinga swingshipping swingquote. swingSara swingJewelry swingDesign. swingYour swingDesire swingis swingOur swingDesign.

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