Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

lamp worked glass, Greens Lampwork Glass Christmas Tree Dangle Earrings on Your Choice of Ear Wires



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Sara greenJewelry greenDesign greenChristmas greenJewelry. greenPetite greenlamp-worked greenglass greenChristmas greentree greenbeads greenare greentopped greenwith greena greenbrass greenstar greenbead. greenDangle greenis greenapproximately green1-1/4 greeninches green(27mm).Because greenthe greenbeads greenare greenhand greencrafted, greenno greentwo greenare greenprecisely greenthe greensame. greenAll greenfour greenpairs greenare greenpictured greenabove greento greengive greenyou greenan greenidea greenof greentheir greenunique greenqualities. greenListing greenis greenfor greenone greenpair.The greenearrings greenare greenmade greenup greenon greengold greenplated greenfish greenhook greenear greenwires greenwith greena greenball greenand greencoil greendesign. greenIf greenyou greenwould greenprefer greensilver greenplated greenor greensurgical greenstainless, greensimply greenchoose greenthat greenfinish greenfrom greenthe greendrop greendown greenmenu greenand greenI greenwill greenchange greenthem greento greensuit greenyou.I greenwill greenship greenthese greento greenyou greenthe greennext greenbusiness greenday greenvia greenUSPS greenfirst greenclass greenmail greenwith greena greendelivery greenconfirmation greennumber.

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